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Quality time with Motorola's MOTOKRZR K1m for Sprint

Chris Ziegler

It's not terribly often that an assuredly hot phone drops on both Verizon and Sprint in the same timeframe, seeing how the former just loves scooping up those galdarned exclusivity agreements. Now, we knew that the CDMA variant of Motorola's MOTOKRAZR, the K1m, was coming to Verizon, and thinking that it'd live a long, healthy life there before ever gracing the hands of a Sprint customer would certainly be a reasonable knee-jerk reaction to have. Much to our delight, Phone Scoop's proven our worst fears unfounded by producing a great preview of a Sprint-branded K1m that looks to be just about ready for prime time. Apparently, this variant will get a very different operating system and UI than its GSM cousins, and even the differentiation from the Verizon version should be significant thanks to a good deal of software and UI customization commissioned specifically by Sprint. Phone Scoop came away impressed with what they saw, suggesting the carrier's got a winner on their hands for the holiday season; we'll reserve judgment on the Sprint-ified OS until we meet face to face, but thanks to EV-DO support, we know the K1m's already got the GSM boys and girls spanked in the data department.

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