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Sony's Pearl VW100 and VPL-VW50 officially launch

Ryan Block, @ryan

It's not too often we get this amped up about a projector (ok, maybe it is), but it's not too often the former Qualia 004 gets revamped and relaunched as a more consumer centric product. Granted, ¥1,365,000 and ¥735,000 (about $11,660 and $6300 US) for their new Pearl VW100 and VPL-VW50 projectors isn't exactly mass market, but you don't have to put on your Sunday best and go to one of the now-defunct Qualia boutiques to get one, either. Expect a 15,000:1 contrast ratio, 1080p high def picture, 200 or 400W bulb, and some combination of HDMI, DVD, VGA, component, composite, and S-Video inputs. Click on for some more pictures of the SXRD projector of your well-heeled dreams.

[Via HD Beat and Impress]

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