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Black DS Lite goes down under in September


After the announcement that the US would be getting the seductive Onyx (black) DS Lite and its more feminine and bright Coral Pink cousin, we were relieved that we had finally been given an option. Screaming from our jail cell DS Fanboy offices in celebration, we firmly gripped our old, has-been Crystal White DS Lites and fell to our knees, nothing more than a husk of our former self. We had fought, long and hard, and we finally did it, we finally won.

Now it's the Aussies' turn. The black version of the DS Lite will be made available to the whole country of Australia upon the clock striking the date of September the 21st and we suggest Aussies looking for a darker shade of DS Lite rush to their local retail hot spots, secure a black DS Lite, and use it to rub it in the face of all of their friends.


Nothing more satisfying than purchasing a $199.95 AUD product and rubbing it all over your best friend's face, laughing maniacally until he gets so upset that he snatches it from your hand and throws it to the ground with all his might. Hey, at least it was funny for those 40 seconds, right?

[Via Aussie-Nintendo]

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