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Bomberman photoshop contest: How to make right out of wrong

Joystiq Staff

The latest Bomberman iteration to hit a gaming platform is the terribly flawed Bomberman: Act Zero for the Xbox 360 -- seriously, how do you mess up Bomberman?. Well, after poor reviews kept streaming in, a fan over at the NeoGAF forums decided to put copies of the game to good use: hold a caption contest with the grand prize being a T-shirt with the developer's name on it.

So far, there have been some creative entries and we'll share some with you after the break (including our first impressions of the game). But, now that we can give the contest the proper exposure it deserves, we're sure that our creative readers can add some real competition to the affair.

[Via Game Life]

In all fairness, the game isn't as terribly awful as it may seem in the bad reviews. But, to a Bomberman loyalist, it could be considered an act of treason and utter betrayal. Not only did the game makers decide to lose Bomberman's cutish looks for some lame futuristic mutant, but the game doesn't have offline multiplayer.

That's right, you can't have two or more players on one Xbox 360. You can't have a party and play , what is essentially supposed to be, a great party game. What the hell, Hudson? Seriously, what the hell?

Besides those serious flaws and some other minor annoyances online and off, the game is still fun and somewhat true to the spirit of the original Bomberman. Expect a video review from us some time in the future for our full thoughts on the title. For now, enjoy these funny pictures:

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