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First look at Halo Movie Warthog?

Ken Weeks

Tipster Doug explains the provenace of a video that might be the first glimpse of a Halo movie Warthog (Feel free to blink -- it's not an action shot):

My friend in Wellington was on a guided tour, while driving past a WETA owned backlot she spotted a giant car being put through its paces.She recognised the front of the car and its size as the warthog from the Halo video games. She took one sneaky picture when it parked and emailed me it immediately knowing my interest in halo.
I excitedly posted it on the forums and within an hour it had been removed, and in my inbox was a message from a moderator telling me I would be blacklisted for posting any kind of leaked pictures. Which leads me to believe its authenticity.

Banned by Bungie or not, it looks kinda factory for a Warthog. Take it for what it's worth.

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