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Lost Planet is 360 exclusive and will be out in January

Joystiq Staff

GameSpot recently cornered Capcom producer Jun Takeuchi to confirm that Lost Planet will stay on the Xbox 360 despite rumors that it wouldn't be the exclusive it was thought to be. Also, Takeuchi has revealed that the anticipated title will come to stores in January 2007.

Takeuchi says the plan was to always keep Lost Planet on the 360 and the 360 only:

Lost Planet is an exclusive Xbox 360 title. Typically when the development team sets out to create a game, we focus development of the title on a single platform and for Lost Planet that platform is the Xbox 360. We have no plans at this time of porting to or developing for another console as this would potentially dilute the final product.

Ever since E3 and the demo hit Xbox Live, we've been eagerly anticipating this chilly third-person shooter. How about you?

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