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Circuit City will make your 360 backwards compatible ... for $30

Ross Miller

Practicing a form of Social Darwinism, Circuit City has decided to steal money from those who are dumb enough to give it away. One quick-witted Kotakuite (that's what they call themselves ... ) spotted a poster in a Newport Beach, California Circuit City where they offer to install backwards compatibility into an Xbox 360 for the low, low price of $28.99.

Nevermind that backwards compatibility is available outside of the box, updatable through Xbox Live (or a disc that you can request from Microsoft). No, no, let Circuit City install it for you! It even brags that "every* game will be backwards compatible." Did you see the asterisk (*) mark? The fine print notes that one should "refer to the original Xbox games list to ensure compatibility on the Xbox 360." But if you know to do that, you also know that this deal is bullshit -- it's a Catch-22.

You are welcome to be mad at Circuit City, but wouldn't you do the same thing if you could get away with it?

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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