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DPI's TITAN 1080p-250: their first 3-chip DLP projector for the home


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Check it big spenders 'cause the pros just dropped a new home theater projector into the mix. Introducing Digital Projection International's (DPI) native 1080p, 3-chip DLP projector -- the TITAN 1080p-250 -- their first 3-chip DLP projector designed exclusively for "the most elite" home cinemas. Using TI's 0.95-inch dark metal DLP technology, this pup brings a 1920 x 1080 resolution and 5000:1 contrast ratio while throwing a theater-quiet (outside New York, anyway) 35dBs and bright 2000 ANSI Lumens off a single, 250-watt HID lamp. Optimized for the 6 to 16-foot screen, you get plenty of control over the projected image with 7-point color correction as well as independent control of black level and lamp brightness. Sorry, no HDMI inputs here so you'll have to settle for HDCP enabled DVI or the array of other standard connections available. Sure it's ugly, but this projector is meant for a home cinema enclosure son, not for keeping your Pabst company on the card table. Available now for an undisclosed price 'cause that's how these high-end products roll, 10-4?

[Via AboutProjectors, Thanks Steven]

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