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IFA 2006: Pioneer planning BDR-103 HD DVD & Blu-ray combo drive


Pioneer was among the first to release a Blu-ray burner with their BD-R101A, now they've announced two follow-up products, one of which will include HD DVD compatibility. The BDR-102 will add the CD compatibility that was missing from the in previous drive, although speed, connectors and other specifics are still up in the air. Finally the BDR-103 will add HD DVD support, but no specifics available there either. We're not too surprised, since reps from both camps have dismissed rumors that the licensing agreements precluded such a device, and we know the hardware is possible, but of course, we've seen these announced before. As soon as there is a release date -- and a price -- we'll be a bit more optimistic.

[Via cdfreaks]

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