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SanDisk intros Made for Sansa

Peter Rojas

You're doing your damnedest to position your MP3 players as the top alternative to the iPod, so what do you do? Well, if you're SanDisk you counter Apple's "Made for iPod" licensed accessories program with your very own "Made for Sansa" licensed accessories program, right? SanDisk is launching the program with about 40 different products, including speaker docks, travel cases, headphones, armbands, FM auto transmitters, chargers and cables, from many of the same companies (Altec Lansing, DLO, Griffin, HandStands, Macally, Maximo Products, and Speck Products) who are already making iPod accessories. It's a smart move on SanDisk's part -- the massive ecosystem of accessories is one way that the iPod maintains its dominance over the market -- and presumably they aren't asking for a licensing fee of 10% of the wholesale cost of each accessory like Apple does with the Made for iPod program.

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