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Apple to introduce iTunes Movie Store, new iMac, iPod nano, and video streaming device?

Dan Pourhadi

Wow, that's a long title. Blame it on AppleInsider, who believes most -- if not all -- of those yummy goodies will be delivered to us in a nice wrapped package by The Jobs himself at next week's supposed media event. According to the rumor peddler, at the yet-unconfirmed September 12th event Jobs will take the wraps off...drumroll please:

  • An $9.99-a-pop movie download service with films from at least one major studio. The idea is that the rest will see how Freakin' Amazing it is and follow suit -- a la TV shows.
  • A new 23" iMac that we reported on earlier.
  • A new non-scratch metal iPod nano with "at least double the storage capacity of today's models."
  • What they believe is a new Airport Express-like device designed to stream video content from your Mac to your TV/home entertainment system. AI says "it's arguably been one of the most closely guarded secrets at Apple since the evolution of the first iPod digital music player."
That list makes this year's Macworld seem lacking.

I'm most interested in that streaming device. This isn't in the article, but imagine: plug your Airport Express to a TV and be greeted by a Front Row-like interface that streams videos/music/photos directly from your Mac, controllable by the included Apple Remote. Pipe dream? Maybe. But I guess we'll find out next week.

Check out the article for more in-depth information and AI's standard "it could be pushed back a little" disclaimer.

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