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ARE offers Ambilight for all


In a slug-fest destined for Betamax v. VHS proportions, the adaptive ambient lighting battle roy-ale is about to go down in The Netherlands. Dutch upstarts, ARE (Ambient Reality Effects) are looking to undercut cross-town rivals Philips, with a low-cost Ambilight alternative. For a, uh, not so low-cost $255, ARE will send you their Basic Starter package to project color behind your TV or computer monitor for hot, mood enhancing fun without the risk of flashback or scuffles with the 5-0. The kit contains a USB controller, software, and a single "high quality" LED strip fitted with 10, multi-colored RGB LED light sources for placement behind your display. The controller supports up to four strips to bring the economic hurt on Philip's Full Surround Ambilight action. So best stock-up on canned foods folks 'cause when word gets out there'll be pandaemonium -- sure, it'll be pleasant and soothing, but pandaemonium nevertheless.

[Via Pocket-Link]

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