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Engadget Podcast 087 - 09.05.2006

Trent Wolbe
Seems like all those IFA goers and showers are getting up on the portable media device tip, between the Toshiba Gigabeat V, the Zen Vision:W, and the Sansa c200. And why not? It looks like Apple's prepping to launch a whole mess of stuff on September 12th, so if you can't beat 'em, at least get your products out earlier. Also in Apple: myTunes strips iTunes 6 DRM (albeit a little complicated), and Crossover Mac runs Windows apps without a virtual machine. And then along came the Chumby, making its adorable little way into our cold, jaded hands. Enjoy the show!

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Hosts: Peter Rojas and Ryan Block

Producer: Trent Wolbe

Music: Solvent - Instructograph (Ghostly International)

Format: 30:27, 14 MB, MP3

01:25 - Toshiba drops a bomb: Gigabeat V in the US
03:35 - Creative Technology introduces Zen Vision:W
09:15 - SanDisk intros Sansa c200 player
10:45 - SanDisk intros Made for Sansa
13:07 - CrossOver Mac beta released: run Windows apps in OS X
15:45 - myTunes: the simplified iTunes DRM stripper for Windows
18:20 - Apple planning event in SF on September 12th?
23:40 - Hands-on with Chumby


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