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Guild Watch: Execute Order 66!

Mike Schramm

Guild Watch is back again (just like Tag Team) with the latest, greatest, and most dramatic of news from around the WoW guild spectrum. This week's roundup of Drama, Downed, and Recruiting guilds starts right after you click the link below.

Oh, and if you're wondering where you should send information if you want a guild to be featured here (make sure to include your guild name, website (if you got one), server and faction), the address is: We want to hear about everything you want to tell us!


  • An anonymous tipster tells the story of the downfall of Warriors of the Night on Eonar-A. Apparently a group of 15 officers and members were frustrated with the guild, and decided to quit en masse. They were all planning to /gquit when one of them said "Execute Order 66" in the chat channel. Unfortunately, they did it at the wrong time (the GM was offline, not as sweet), but over the next day or so, the number of /gquits grew to about 50, and those members made a whole new guild called Catharsis. Over on WotN's forums, you can see some of the fallout. Apparently the GM is trying to be nonplussed as possible, but they are, of course, now recruiting.
  • Tehehuan got kicked out of Entropic Order on Llane-H for complaining about their recent direction to go more hardcore. That's what you get for talking back, Tehe.
  • Last Stand on Defias Brotherhood-H is raffling off MC runs for those less fortunate souls who don't have the gear or guild for it. Apply here if interested.
  • Also, Rising Anarchy on Doomhammer-A is selling BWL, MC, and Ony loot.
  • Last week, we mentioned Silvan Rangers, a Naxx level guild that was falling apart on Norgannon-H. This week, we hear that after seven years of guilding together in EQ and WoW, Silvan Rangers has disbanded completely.
  • Ascend on Maelstrom-H downed the Twin Emps in what must have been a legendary fight. They sent along screenshots-- check out all those bug mounts!!
  • Triune Alliance on Uther-A finished off Chromaggus. Their rep says: "We were ordered to "GET TO THE CHOPPA" and we did. Grats TA!"
  • Those nubz0rs Death and Taxes finished off Sapphiron, which I could totally do solo if I just had the AD rep. Also, they tried Kel'Thuzad, but he was too l33t to even show up.
  • Mindtrip on Altar of Storms-A downed C'thun, and dedicated their run to (I'm not kidding, check the screenshot) the Crocodile Hunter.
  • Twilight Guard on Dalaran-H downed Raggy
  • Dark Academy on Laughing Skull-H wants droods and priests for BWL
  • Sacred Rite (Kirin Tor-A) wants people to help them Serve the Light! (RP style)
  • Shaded Visions on Norgannon-H wants help taking down Vael in BWL
  • Dead Fraggle Pile (this week's winner of the Best Guild Name award) is a new guild recruiting on Anatheron-H
  • Unbound on Bloodhoof-H wants two rogues ready for BWL and onward
  • Hammer of Doom is a new guild on Ner'zhul-A
  • Sanctum on Anvilmar-A wants casuals
  • Impulse on Daggerspine-A is recruiting cross server so they can finish Naxx. Seriously, I could do it solo-- with one hand tied behind my back!
That'll do it for this week-- remember if you want your guild in here, email This whole thing runs on your submissions, so send something to us to put it up here! Send it to us, and next week, you'll be saying "Whoomp, there it is!"

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