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Hulk, King Kong & Waterworld coming to HD DVD November 14th


Universal is keeping the hits big budget flicks coming to HD DVD. They have announced we can expect Ang Lee's Hulk, Peter Jackson's King Kong and Kevin Costner's Waterworld on HD DVD November 14th. All will feature Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 soundtracks, the extras from the DVD editions and...that's it. Hulk and Waterworld carry a $29.98 SRP while King Kong starts off at $39.98. Excuse us if we're a bit underwhelmed, we're sure they will look and sound great but c'mon Universal, we've got a new standard for blockbuster high-def rollouts. Throw us a bone here, TrueHD soundtrack, IME picture-in-picture extra, Hulk-hands pack-in, something. You can check out these and other dates on our Google HD DVD & Blu-ray release calendars.

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