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IFA 2006: Samsung introduces LED backlit 40-inch LCD


Samsung is showing off their LED-backlit LCD panel for European markets at IFA 2006. The LE40M91 40-inch 720p LCD has a 146% color gamut, 10,000:1 contrast ratio and 450 cd/m2 brightness rating. LED backlighting has been available in Sony's Qualia line, but remained out of reach for most buyers due to its high price. Although Samsung didn't release any pricing information earlier reports pegged the 40-inch LCD at about $3,000. This TV also features Samsung's 100hz technology, while inserting a frame between other two frames, they claim their motion adaptive technology helps reduce blurring without reducing brightness, clarity or color. They showed off two other new LCDs, a 40- and 46-inch (LE40F7/LE46F7) that don't feature the LED backlighting or 100hz technology, but do have 1080p resolution, 6,000:1 contrast ratio,127% of the NTSC color gamut and 450 cd/m2 brightness, much like the upcoming 52-inch LN-S5296D. All three screens feature Samsung's Wiselink "10-in-3" technology which apparently allows for USB, memory card, printer and dual-HDMI connection.

[Via Digitimes]

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