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O2's "Ice" first European handset with uiOne

Chris Ziegler

Sprint's been working with Qualcomm on uiOne-enabled handsets for the better part of a year now (you know, Qualcomm's solution for skinning handsets' user interfaces with themes) but Europe's been left out of the fun -- until now, that is. Coming it at a fairly reasonable £0 on contract, O2's clever looking "Ice" candybar isn't exactly high end, but it still manages to pack a reasonable punch with 3G data, Bluetooth, video and music players, and microSD expansion. It seems to lack GSM 850, but if cheap 3G suits your fancy and you've always wanted that, uh, "tropical look" in your phone's menus, the Ice might be right up your alley; it's available now on O2's site.

[Via Slashphone]

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