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Translation the visual way: MEDIASEEK's Camera Dictionary

Chris Ziegler

Word's just in that cameraphones have real-world applications (besides tracking down the miscreant who stole yours), and Japanese firm MEDIASEEK is looking to capitalize with its Camera Dictionary utility. The software scans English words you snap and provides their Japanese translations on the fly, while links allow the user to hop online for more detailed information -- pronunciations, examples, and the like. Probably not terribly useful for reading a novel in a language you don't understand, but for translating, say, an Engadget post, this could be just the ticket. From the press release it sounds like Camera Dictionary will be available on KDDI's au network, but if they ever get around to adding a Japanese-to-English version, you can bet we'll be pestering American carriers to get on board. [Warning: PDF link]

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