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Vodafone taking preorders for Treo 750v

Chris Ziegler

The teaser shot of the keyboard on Voda's site might not be very revealing, but hey, we've got plenty of evidence lined up to know pretty much what's in store for Vodafone customers come September 12 either way. Businessfolk on the carrier's UK site are now being encouraged to preorder the device, which will be "using Vodafone's high-speed 3G network" humming along atop Windows Mobile 5.2. The remainder of the spec sheet (if accurate) is nothing we couldn't have guessed, suggesting a 1.3-megapixel cam (we've heard 2 megapixels thrown around; we'll see), Bluetooth, and that fabulous HSDPA radio, though there's no mention of WiFi -- potentially a deal breaker for some. And for the record, yes, we're figuring that if they panned up on that annoying teaser shot, there'd be no external antenna in sight.

[Via Mobility Site]

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