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Was TiVo invented by aliens?

Evan Blass

We've always suspected that TiVo was a little ahead of its time (ever try explaining its purpose to people immediately after it came out?), but none of us could have imagined that the original DVR technology was actually discovered among the ruins of an alien spacecraft that crash landed in the southern Nevada desert on March 31, 1973. Well, at least that's the premise of a new viral video making the rounds on the old internets, presented as a "top secret" training film for the "Bluemoon" project and designed as a primer for those with the proper security clearances to help Uncle Sam make the most of this wild new tech. Although the "leaked" vid doesn't reveal any clues about upcoming TiVo products or services, it is rather amusing to watch a fictional retelling of the device's origins, complete with 70's-style fonts and "dramatic recreations" of how its amazing functionality was first uncovered by stereotypically nerdy scientists. Best line of the movie? Project director A. Watterman claiming that "There are some who believe the potential uses for the box lie primarily in the consumer and household entertainment realm; others believe that the box will help us create an army of advanced super robots!" Cut to scene of a giant Robosapien attacking Leave it to Beaver-type family, and roll credits -- another Emmy-worthy presentation from the good folks at TiVo.

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