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Buffalo's USB Micro-Pads for gaming on-the-go


It's not like your average SNES of PSX-inspired PC gamepad is really too much of a chore to lug around, but if you've really got to get your game on with minimal addition to your gear bag, Buffalo's new USB Micro-Pads seem to be the way to go. The folding controller comes in both an analog stick version (pictured) and a traditional direction pad edition, and both Micro-Pads feature dual shoulder buttons, a couple of extra face buttons, and a mini-USB to USB adaptor. Along with being a good match for most PC emulators and other relevant titles, we're thinking this could do good things for a Pocket PC-based emulation fan if Buffalo brings the necessary drivers to the table, but we'll have to wait and see. No word on price or availability yet.

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