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Captain Obvious: UMD price drop brings huge sales

Joystiq Staff

After taking a few weeks off, Captain Obvious is back with some news on the recent Warner Bros. UMD movie price drop in Japan -- you see they dropped their little movies to 980 yen or about $8.50 for us Yanks -- and listen, it's positive. Well, it depends on how you define positive.

After UMD movie sales seemed to suffer over the past few months, the peeps at Warner Bros. decided to run a promotion where for a "limited time," their movies would be available for that low price your 'Cap mentioned above. Apparently, in Japan, limited time means forever, as Warner Bros. decided to make that price drop permanent. The result? An increase in sales that boomed to ten times past previous sales numbers.

Now, what does the Captain have to do to get the U.S. some UMD price drop love? We'd like to call out to other studios and demand a price drop ASAP! What do you have to lose?

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