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DS Phat hooked on crack [Update 1]


When the big scare of hinge damage on a massive scale to shipments of DS Lites in America hit, we were all going over our units with a magnifying glass. We were all thankful that Nintendo was so kind as to offer free repairs for damaged handhelds. Turns out the issue might not only be Lite-exclusive.

During the latest podcast from VGM Daily, it's revealed that a DS Phat developed a rather large crack at the hinge. If you're one of the few who didn't trade up for their DS Lite and kept your old unit, you might want to go check at the bottom of that dusty old box out in the garage that currently houses your DS Phat and make sure it's without crack.

We've contacted our Nintendo rep and will update you as to how Nintendo will handle your broken DS Phat. Keep an eye on DS Fanboy for further updates.

[Update 1: Cleaned up the wording a bit.]

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