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Far Cry: Vengeance revealed


The guys at VGM Daily managed to get some info on the unnamed Far Cry project that has been said to release on the Wii from Andre Vu of Ubisoft. Dubbed Far Cry: Vengeance, the game is not to be a straight port of the Xbox versions. The game is also to support progressive scan (480p) and widescreen (16:9 aspect ratio) in the final retail version.

Some interesting ways of working the Wiimote's gesture-based functions were also revealed. Thrusting the Wiimote forward will allow you to zoom in, where slashing the Wiimote will allow you to use your knife and/or feral attack. The nunchuk's capabilities will also be used. Pulling up on it will cause Jack Carver to jump.

It turns out that Ubi is also testing online for the game. The game is to be officially unveiled on the 14th of this month.

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