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Hitachi's Prius K series with Core 2 Duo


Here ye here ye, Hitachi just launched another Core 2 Duo laptop for ye floggin' pleasures. The Hitachi Prius K series of laptops feature choice of Celeron or Core 2 Duo silicon with the top end PN37K1S bringing home the Core 2 Duo T5500, 1GB of RAM and 120GB of disk, a dual-layer multi-drive, Intel 945GM graphics and 15.4-inch 1280 x 800 pixel screen. And yeah, they throw in an external terrestrial digital TV-tuner for hardware-based MPEG-2 decoding, just in case you cared. Which you probably don't unless you live in Japan where this will launch for about ¥260,000 or roughly 2,241 of the almighty dollah.

[Via Impress]

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