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Office Depot sold $100 HP PC over Labor Day

Cyrus Farivar

So while Nicholas Negroponte was noodling around with his pet project -- the computer formerly known as the $100 Laptop, and now called the 2B1 -- spending precious hours changing every aspect of it from the name to whether or not it had a hand crank, Office Depot went and beat him to the punch, sorta. Ok, sure, the initial outlay was more than a hundred bucks, but after $330 in mail-in rebates, this past Labor Day weekend Office Depot sold an HP minitower with a Celeron D 352 (3.2GHz), 256MB of RAM, 80GB hard drive, CD burner, a 16-inch CRT and an F380 printer for the low low price of a century bill. Although it may not come it bright colors, assuming you do get your rebates you'll be spending far less than the $130-$140 that NickNeg's cute creation will cost you. Oh yeah, and there isn't a minimum order of one million, either.

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