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Slate author: Madden taught me football

Ross Miller

I was a late bloomer when it came to knowing the rules of football. I learned the basics (four downs, touchdown is six points, etc.) from NFL Blitz when I was 15; a few years back I started to understand positions and audibles when I came to college and started watching our football team and going to the games.

For Slate author Felix Gillette, the intricacies of football were made clear via Madden 2007. In this interesting narrative, Gillette examines how more minor details in televised football have become understandable as a result of a few Madden sessions.

As Gillette concludes, "in the years to come, people who grew up learning about football via Xbox will expect broadcasters to give them more complex information." Has video games provided a means by which one can learn complex rules in an entertaining environment? How might this process be applicable for, say, quantum mechanics?

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