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2006 NFL HD Schedule

Ben Drawbaugh

Are you ready for some football? Sure college football season started a few days ago and we have been enjoying HD preseason games for a month now, but the practice is over and it's time for the the professionals tonight at 8:30pm on NBC.

There are alot of changes in the NFL lineup this year, but not as much in the HD world. ESPN has got MNF this year and NBC gets back into the NFL business as ABC calls it quits. On top of that the NFL network gets their first HD regular season games and we're glad to tell you that they will be in HD, if you get the NFL HD channel. DISH and DirecTV customers are covered, but there are many cable companies holding out on the NFL. We will keep you posted.

Some things change and some things don't, Fox is still promising most of their games in HD and the remaining few in Fox Widescreen, while CBS remains at 3, this is without a doubt the most disappointing news for the 2006 season, right before DirecTV's announcement that blackout rules on Sunday Ticket subscribers still apply. Many won't notice this because they get their HD locals, but we're not all that lucky, hello Sinclair! Once again we don't expect much notice from CBS of which games they will present in HD, so if you want to know if your favorite team is going to be in HD check out HDSportsguide's schedule for the latest. The real question is why they only do 3 games, in the past they have blamed it on their distribution infrastructure, but this Sunday all 3 of their HD games are on at 1pm, so we'll have to let you know what is going on, when we find out.

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