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360 rumor round-up

Ken Weeks

OrangeLoungeRadio compiled a bunch of gossip from a "recent sales meeting" that supposedly included some higher-ups. Here's the 360 related stuff:

  • Winning 11 Pro Evolution 2007 not an XBOX 360 exclusive. The reason there is no PS3 is because they haven't gotten the final dev kits yet. My rep says it will probably be released on the PS3 as late as May.
  • Activision says the next Guitar Hero after 2 will be on the XBOX 360.
  • No charge for online aspect of Phantasy Star Universe on XBOX 360. There will be a monthly fee for PS2 and PC users.
  • No Full Auto 2 for the XBOX 360 at all. The first one did not sell well so they will not be making a sequel for the XBOX 360.
  • XBOX 360 - NO PRICE DROPS, NO BUNDLES. Infact he mentioned that the Canada office works a bit independent of the US office and that they didn't know Canada was doing a bundle. Much hate mail was exchanged.
  • Gears Of War comes out November 7th. Not street dated. Emergence Day is November 12th. That is when the big advertising push happens, not the release of the game.
  • Halo 3 set to come out March or April of 2007. Not Fall 2007.
  • The $79.99 vision camera bundle will replace the 12 month Live bundle that is available now.
  • Test Drive: Unlimited will be getting new download packs each month. This is planned so far until June of next year. The 1st two packs will be Lexus cars. No word if these will be free (but he said Lexus paid 250K for the cars to be in the game). The packs will range from FREE - $7.99 (or the Microsoft point equivalent of that)
Keep in mind these are all rumors. Halo 3 in March would be a kickass way to spend Spring Break -- and even more significant given the PS3's launch issues. Anything else get you excited (Besides the blessed abortion of Full Auto 2)?

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