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Breakfast Topic: Noob Encounters

David Nelson

Last night, as I was hanging out in the Iron Forge auction house, minding my own business and chatting with some buds, I got an odd tell. Some level 12 was trying to get me to open up a portal to Darnassus for him. Now, if I were a mage, this might have made a little bit of sense. Being warlock, well...

I informed him that he should probably find a mage. Unhappy with my answer, he responded that I was being lazy and I should open up the portal, as he knows warlocks can move people from here to there and I shouldn't lie to him. Against my better judgement I tried to explain how summoning works, going so far as to suggest bothering a warlock in Darnassus. He replied with a few choice obscenities, put me on ignore and left the auction house. I can only assume he was heading off to find a Warrior to conjure him some water for his long trip to Darnassus.

This is not my first close encounter of the noob kind, but it was certainly the rudest. Most of the time I try to help, but some people just seem to be beyond any assistance you might provide. What's your most interesting noob encounter in Azeroth?

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