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HP LP3065 30-inch monitor details revealed

Cyrus Farivar

Yesterday we told you about the HP LP3065, but as we noted at the time, details were sparse. Today, HP got its act together and finally put up some more information about this mammoth of a monitor. Here's what we've found out: 1000:1 contrast ratio, 2560 x 1600 pixels, 92 percent color gamut, 178 x 178 degree viewing angles, three dual-link DVI-D inputs and two dual-link DVI cables -- and has a respectable brightness of 300 nits. HP also tells us that the LP3065 will be available in November and "is priced not to exceed $1999", or translated from PR-speak, will be $2000 or less. But better than all of those deets are HP's PR annotations left on its monitor fact sheet (linked below). There are a couple gems like: "This monitor features an amazingly sharp 2560 x 1600 high resolution panel, extra-wide 178 x 178 degree (usually I just say 178 degree viewing angles) . . ." and ". . . the widest available in an HP monitor (this will the widest in the market for about 4-6 months. Can we get away with saying widest available on the market?)." Uh, HP, you actually can't. Dell and Apple have already come out with 30-inch monitors -- and they did it way before you. But thanks for playing! [Warning: PDF link!]

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