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Hudson defends crappy Bomberman


Someone by the name of J. Montes over at Hudson has written a short post about why Bomberman Act: Zero is in fact not a crapfest of epic proportions.

"I'm here to tell you why Bomberman Act: Zero is actually pretty damn cool. And if you think I'm talking out of my ass, check out my Xbox Live Gamercard - I'm actually playing the game - and enjoying it! Forget the haters out there and all the lemmings who've jumped on the bashing bandwagon. Bomberman Act: Zero matters most in one key area: gameplay. And if you love multiplayer gaming, this is your calling."

He then goes on to cite five reasons why the game is good. And, to be honest, he does have a point. Whether or not you're completely turned off by Act: Zero's character designs, the gameplay probably is solid. I wouldn't know. I haven't played it, and I'll tell you why. Look at Montes' number one reason:


I'm sorry Mr. Montes, if it doesn't have local multiplayer, it is not Bomberman. Granted, lots of 360 games don't support local multiplayer, but Bomberman, above all else, is about destroying your friends on the couch. Plain and simple. I wouldn't care about the design if I could play with my friends on the same TV.

I know there are people out there enjoying this game. More power to you. I will wait for a sequel with a complete feature set, thank you very much -- either that, or Saturn Bomberman on Live Arcade.

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