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Microsoft cuts Xbox 360 by $85 in Japan

Ryan Block, @ryan

It's one of the principles of supply and demand that as supply goes up while demand is down, the great equalizer is lowering the price; well, Microsoft finally has the supply they were after with the Xbox 360, but the demand sure as hell isn't there in Japan. So what's Redmond to do? Dump 'em off for about ¥29,800, or about $255, a solid $86 US off its current retail price and $45 less than in the US. First the UK, now Japan -- what's America got to do to catch a break with the 360, play hard to get and stop buying the damned things?

[Thanks, theburn16]

Update: Well wouldn't you know it, our Japanese bureau informed us that they aren't actually slashing the price, but are just introducing the Core system to the Japanese market. Still, it's at a price far less than that of its US counterparts -- and it kind of makes you wonder why they didn't launch the more affordable version over in the Japanese market to begin with. Japanese 360 buyers: it's coming your way November 2nd!

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