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A list of potential movies and a name change for the iTMS

David Chartier

DVguru, a sister blog, is just as excited for an iTunes Music Movie Store as we are, and they've been doing their own digging into what Apple's September 12th "It's Showtime" special event could bring. The gurus of all things DV found a post at containing a supposed list of movies that will be released from Disney and their subsidiaries in the iTMS over the next year, though a source isn't cited, nor is a reason given for the one year rollout. Movies both old and new are apparently lined up from Disney, Pixar, Mirimax, Touchstone Pictures and Lion's Gate Entertainment. However, since Lion's Gate's CEO already dropped a few of his own hints, might be on to something here.

Also on's list of source-less rumoring is (finally) a name change coming to the iTunes Music Store. Apple has stocked their digital shelves with a lot more content than simply music for quite some time now, and some kind of a name alteration is long overdue. Either way, stay tuned for our September 12th coverage to find out the juicy details on exactly what you'll be whipping out your credit cards for next week.

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