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Uniden getting into the portable GPS biz


Uniden has officially announced that it's dipping its toes into the already-crowded portable GPS market, with its first units set to launch this fall. The first in the new line of devices, dubbed MapTrax, have already popped up for pre-order on various retailer's sites, with the lower-end 3.5-inch GPS352 coming in at $400 and the slightly-beefier GPS402 (seen here) packing a 4-inch screen (and about 10 million more pre-loaded POIs) running you an extra hundred bucks. Uniden says the complete line-up of devices will eventually feature displays ranging in size from 3.5-inches to 7-inches that automatically adjust between night and daylight viewing settings, and at least one of the models will include Bluetooth compatibility, though it doesn't look like it's featured on any of these initial releases. So far, Uniden's just sayin' that the next batch will be released sometime in 2007.

[Via Mobile Whack]

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