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Wii accessories list, courtesy of Gamestop [Update 1]

Jason Wishnov

EB Games/Gamestop/EB Gamestop or whatever they're called these days occasionally gets some inside information before the press. (I say occasionally; please hold off on the "my local EB Games employee told you the Wii was coming out December 17th" tips.) A quick search of Gamestop's online store in the accessories section yields some interesting results, shows as follows:

Wii Controller Glove 9.99
Wii G-Pak Travel Case 29.99
Wii Game Wallet 9.99
Wii HD Premium Component Cable 59.99
Wii Memory SD 1.0GB 59.99
Wii Memory SD 512MB 39.99
Wii S-Video Premium AV Cable 39.99
Wii Sling Bag 29.99
Wii Storage & Protection 1.0GB Kit 69.99

We knew about the Power Glove, but the SD cards just seem like a convenient excuse for Gamestop to take people's money; the prices are quite high. The premium component cable is insanely expensive, but hey, it's premium. Other than that, your classic game-toting sling-bag take-it-anywhere-but-not-really-because-no-one-ever-does-that accessories are on the list. With the immediate need for extra controllers, memory, and games at launch, is anyone going to pick up any of these other things?

[Thanks, Randy!]

[Update 1: Clarified that the SD cards are not officially from Nintendo, and realized that you can in fact get SD cards for far cheaper.]

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