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Wii to get Super Paper Mario, lose DVD playback? [update 1]

Kyle Orland

IGN's Matt Casamassina is reporting that Super Paper Mario, currently planned for the GameCube, will come out for the Wii instead. The comment came in response to a question on the IGN Wii mailbag, along with a rather cryptic hint about "reading between the lines" of the rather direct statement that "Paper Mario will be headed to Wii and not GameCube."

Super Paper Mario
was one of the bright spots for GameCube owners in a largely 'Cube-free E3 for Nintendo. Since the game's announcement, there has been next to no additional information released, save a couple of leaked videos from Japan's World Hobby Fair. With that game's official release date of Oct. 9 quickly approaching and no Japanese release or additional information from Nintendo forthcoming, many sites have updated their projections for the game's release to Q4 '06 or even Q1 '07.

In the same mailbag, Casamassina also points to a blog post where he speculates that the Wii will not ship with previously-announced DVD-playback. The feature is not mentioned on Nintendo's official spec sheet for the system, and the Nintendo big wigs refused to answer Casamassina's questions about the issue.

We've put in a call to Nintendo for an official comment on these rumors, and we'll be sure to update once we hear back.

[Update: A spokesperson for Nintendo has given the stock reply that they do not comment on rumors or speculation. However, Casamassina has reiterated to Joystiq that his statement was not pure speculation and was based on information he's heard from insider sources.]

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