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Google AdWords hit cellphones


Google is already pretty well into the mobile biz, what with an RSS reader, mobile maps, Blogger and Google News, and, of course, search -- but the company's still got plenty of other offerings left to shrink down to cellphone-size, and the latest to get that treatment is its AdWords advertising service. Though it doesn't seem to have made too much of a fuss about it, Google recently made the mobile service available to AdWords customers, who are now able place adverts in the results of Google's mobile search service, as seen here (mmmmm, Example Pizza). In addition to letting advertisers direct users to a mobile website, Google's also offering the option of a call link that'll ring up the company directly. The service was first tested in Japan in April, but has now spread out to the US, UK and Germany, with additional locations apparently in the works.

[Via Slashphone]

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