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More analysts on non-global PS3 launch, one sees Wii in better position


We've chimed in on Sony's latest blunder so now it's someone else's turn. Who wants to offer their opinionated projections? Hmm? Oh, it looks like Ben Bajarin of Creative Strategies, Michael Pachter or Wedbush Morgans, and Mike Wolf of ABI Research all have something to say. Of all the things that is said among them, Mr. Pachter's statements are the only ones that are overall Wii-positive.

To a limited extent, Microsoft will [benefit]. There aren't very many guys that will buy both a PS3 and a Xbox 360. There are maybe a couple (100,000-200,000) that will get a 360 instead... but a lot of people are going to buy a Wii, and it'll reverse the order of purchasing in Europe, with people getting the Wii first, then the PS3. It benefits Nintendo in the onset... MS also wins in terms of a PR battle."

Pachter seems to be pro-Wii in the wake of Sony's latest news. His recent comments prior to this story support this. Of course you all already know our viewpoints on the matter, so let's hear from you. How does Sony's latest news affect us Nintendo-loving gamers out there?

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