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Winner of strongest fall lineup is ... PS2?


Gameworld Network has pieced together an outline of 10 upcoming PlayStation 2 titles, tagging the list "10 Reasons Not to Sell Your PS2 Just Yet." With the exceptions of Dawn of Mana and God of War 2, all of these titles will hit US retailers by early November -- and seven are exclusive to PS2. Starting with Rule of Rose's release next week, there's practically a must-play title dropping for PS2 every week through November 7:

  • Rule of Rose (September 12)
  • Okami (September 19)
  • God Hand (October 10)
  • Bully (October 17)
  • Final Fantasy XII (October 31)
  • Rogue Galaxy (October)
  • Guitar Hero II (November 7)
Can anyone show us a console/handheld with a stronger fall lineup? Nope, we didn't think so ... Sony might have lost points because of a pair of disappointing PS3 announcements, but that's not gonna affect PS2's continued dominance leading up to the holiday season.

[Thanks, Matt]

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