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Would You Wear This Stuff?

David Nelson

Blizzard recently announced on their front page that you can purchase some official World of Warcraft apparel over at J! Well, other than being 100% sure that the company is suitably extreme due to their using an exclamation point instead of the letter i, I am not sure if I would actually wear any of this stuff outside of a comic book convention.

I am not saying that I would mock anyone who would, but waltzing about town with a World of Warcraft t-shirt, hmmmm...I just don't know about that. If I were on a college campus, or maybe a high school, I might think differently, but as a 28 year old guy, I am not sure I would make a fashion statement like that tonight at Bennigans.

I will also admit, that if I were to walk around in WoW gear, it would almost certainly be of the Penny Arcade variety. Those shirts seem a little more subtle, and, in my opinion, a lot more clever.

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