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Awful CD-i Zelda games get remixed

Kyle Orland

While checking out Something Awful's recent, videogame-themed Photoshop Phriday contest, we couldn't help but notice a link to the site's latest Flash Tub feature, which actually manages to make something good out of the eminently forgettable CD-i Zelda games. Apparently, some SA forum members took audio clips from the games' hilariously bad dialogue and remixed them into some maddeningly catchy techno songs. They even went so far as to create a so-bad-its-good Flash animation for one of the songs, which has a hook that will have you mumbling "I can't wait to bomb some dodongos" all weekend.

Click the read link to view the video and download MP3s of some of the remixes, or continue reading for some hilarious YouTube video of the source material.

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