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BlackBerry Pearl 8100c and Samsung SGH-i607 coming to Cingular?

Ryan Block, @ryan

This one's a little difficult to explain, but it would appear that a Cingular developer's site of some kind is under construction at a design firm's domain, and in it they show with some accuracy their 2006 roadmap, including two new devices we hadn't yet seen coming to Cingular: the BlackBerry Pearl 8100c (due Q4) and the Samsung Blackjack SGH-i607 (due Q3, which will be ending in short order). The specs on the quad-band Pearl look to be in place and has that tweaked appearance, and the i607 pictured retains the i600's front-facing camera, as well as quad-band GSM / GSRS / EDGE / HSDPA data, and Bluetooth; of course, we knew the Pearl was headed to Cingular, but the Blackjack will make a nice little addition to the cadre of Q-killers making their way to the states.

P.S. -Oh, and the 8525 is listed as Q3, too. Big surprise.

[Thanks, Jaybo]

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