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USB camping lamp with FM radio

Darren Murph

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If you're the type who never really disconnects even while shacking up in the woods, this handy USB camping lamp should fit right into your electronic arsenal of must-have campout gear. Although you may not need portable lighting in your Travelodge hotel / tent hybrid, a little backlighting never hurts while staking your place in line for those oh-so-important launch events. Sporting a flashlight beam, lantern mode, FM radio, retractable antenna, and 3.5mm headphone jack, this multi-function device can be powered from any open USB port -- if your laptop is running out of juice, three AAA batteries will also do the trick. While you probably shouldn't expect an awful lot of candle power here, it'll provide a fairly good excuse to bust out your machine in hopes of finding a stray WiFi (or WiMAX) signal, and besides, brightening up your next campout will only set you back $12.

[Via Uber-Review]

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