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Canada's new "Robotic IV Automation" medical assistant

Cyrus Farivar

Our fellow Americans: be forewarned, our seemingly friendly neighbors in the Great White North may soon be invading with legions upon legions of seemingly helpful medical assistant robots. Oh yes, this time it's coming from the inocuous city of Winnipeg (made famous for housing the Royal Canadian Mint!), where the Robotic IV Automation is in development by Intelligent Hospital Systems. This robot (which surely must be related to both Penelope and Emma), can, as its name implies monitor the refilling of various medications, in syringe and IV forms, up to 100 perscriptions per hour. Given that our country is already afraid of the importation of cheap Canadian drugs, we think that we should be even more frightened of the devious importation of robots that can administer those cheap Canadian drugs that will take jobs away from hard-working American nurses.

[Via Robot Gossip]

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