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Fallen soldier remembered for Halo ownage


U.S. Army Pfc. Nicholas Madaras was killed last week in Baqubah, Iraq when a roadside bomb detonated while he stood outside his Humvee. Madaras was only 19.

In a series of remembrances published by The Advocate, Pfc. William Tyrrell reflected on Madaras' Halo skills: "I used to always love to play Halo, the video game, with him because he was the best and he always beat me. And I would tell him that one day I would beat him and he would just laugh and say, 'OK.'"

Madaras was looking forward to pursuing a career in the medical field after his tour of duty, which was scheduled to end October 21. A public memorial service at Our Lady of Fatima in Wilton, CT is being planned for the coming days.

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