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Kenwood bumps their Media Keg DAP with a digital amp


Kenwood has been messing around with this whole 1.8-inch HDD DAP thing for a while now, and though they've had some hot specs show up in their Media Keg players, they can't quite seem to pull everything together for a real winner. For instance, though the Media Kegs have had 2.2-inch QVGA screens from day one, the newly launched HD30GB9 still can't do anything useful with it like play video or view photos. In fact, the main difference between this new version and its predecessors is a snazzy new digital amp to boost the audiophile quotient. The 30GB player supports Kenwood's proprietary lossless codec, and can be managed via WMP10 (PlaysForSure is a go) or Kenwood's included software. There's also a new black color, but the case design remains otherwise identical. All that said, we're not likely to see this one in the States anyways -- it should be out in Japan this October for 50,000 Yen (about $430 US).

[Via dapreview]

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