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New Prince of Persia announced


The angsty Prince is back in a new game entitled Prince of Persia: Rival Swords. Like Revelations before it, Rival Swords is essentially an enhanced port of a PoP console game. Rival Swords takes the gameplay from last year's critically acclaimed The Two Thrones and adds new levels and multiplayer modes. For example, you will be able to race through levels against a friend, or play through new chariot levels and re-enact your favorite scene from Ben-Hur. The game will hit Holiday 2006 in Europe, and then hit American shores in 2007.

Should we get excited? I'm a bit doubtful on this one. Revelations met critical disapproval due to its high number of glitches and ridiculous loading times, and the same developer (Pipeworks Software) is working on this port. They might be able to work out the bugs this time around, but with so many original games heading to the system soon, a port can't really grab my attention.

[Via IGN]

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