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Pack this! PS3 box style revealed [update 1]

Ross Miller

IGN has managed to get a glimpse of the PlayStation 3 case for The Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom (you can tell by the IGN logo they so elegantly plastered on the cover girl's left breast). The PlayStation 3 name, Spider-Man typeset intact, aligns the left side of the case, as it did during the PSOne era, so as not to intrude upon Blu-ray's dominant upper banner. The PS logo has undergone a minor alteration, now showing up against a white backdrop.

The rest remains unchanged -- an ESRB rating located in the bottom left corner, the publisher's emblem in the bottom right. Since the title is made by Sony Online Entertainment, we're unsure how other titles are going to market each game's online capabilities or exclusivity. The Xbox 360 case, for example, has the Xbox Live logo emblazoned in the top right corner of every title, and stamps "Only for Xbox 360" on the upper middle. Will Sony push its online capabilities on its title's box art, or just rely on other outlets to advertise its features?

Continue reading for more side-by-side comparisons.

[Update: it should be noted that, while the graphic itself is legitimate, its inclusion on the Blu-ray box is a mockup done by IGN. However, note the dimensions of the graphic -- it matches that of the dimensions of the cover art on a Blu-ray movie. Also, Sony producing a custom Blu-ray box when it already is manufacturing Blu-ray movie boxes is not cost-efficient. It may be conceptualized, but we believe the final case will not look much different.

That said, sorry if we confused anyone.]

Dark Kingdom side-by-side with Dead Rising for Xbox 360. Note how Dead Rising markets its exclusivity and online capabilities, while the location of the ESRB rating and publisher logo are identical:

Also note that PlayStation 2 games also had a logo for showing off online play:

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