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SED production lines to be built as soon as this year

Matt Burns

Remember SED HDTVs? You know, the type that takes all the benefits of CRT technology and crams 'em into a flat-screen package. We are sure that most of you had already given up and moved on like after that chick stood you up at the senior prom. Should have waited a little longer though cowboy as Canon and Toshiba have plans that may include building the production lines before years end. This seems right on track with the strategy to have the sets available for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. If they start building the production lines now and get the initial batch of TVs to the market 6 - 9 months later, that puts 'em on track for the 2007 holiday shopping season and 2008 Olympics. So don't despair big guy. The gorgeous SEDs is just going to make you wait a bit longer, but she is going to knock the socks of all the jealous LCDs and plasmas - hopefully.

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